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Apollon Studios is a fine art and performance art facility providing annual events and art sales in Melbourne and Australia.

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I would like to thank, no send my extreme gratitude to all who helped to make Agni such a stunning exhibition. Despite its early closure, as Artisic Coordinator I have received verbal, written and electronic media posts praising the unusual and brilliant work of the artists and designers and technical crew in such an on edge presentation. Congratulations everyone.

The third element of the Panchabuta is Earth, Privithi which will be presented in yet another unusual way later in 2018.

My thanks also go out to the staff at Wellways Fairfield for their ongoing support.

Malcolm Berry, Artistic Coordinator, Apollon Studios.

In December 2017 Apollon Studios proudly presented Agni at the Mission to Seafarers - 717 Flinders Street, Docklands

After the sell-out success of their 2016 season Jala, Apollon Studios proudly returned in 2017 with Agni, the second production in their series of the five Vedic Elements Works; Water, Fire, Air, Earth and Ether.

Presented in the stunning surrounds of Mission to Seafarers in Docklands, Agni (ægni/AG-nee) was a celebration of all the aspects of Fire and its power to protect, give life, and destroy.

“Malcolm Berry and I travelled through Mexico two years ago and India last year doing research for Agni.”, explains Director Scott Gooding. “The show is part of a longer artistic investigation and examines the idea of how giving AND destructive Fire can be. How even within the destruction there is the ability for it to generate new life. We've worked to create a true multi-art form event and it's exciting to see how audiences will interact with the pieces. We all tend to have a "go to" area for most of our art experiences, but with Agni we're offering a chance to step out of a comfort zone. To experience things that you wouldn't sometimes have access to.”

An exhilarating event, Agni featured an exhibition of paintings and drawings by Adelaide graphic artist Krystal Brock and painter Malcolm Berry, and a dynamic multilayered performance running for four nights. This second instalment of the five planned events once again brought together a diverse team of artists and creatives and was a swirling dervish of theatre, music, and visual art. Featuring premiere works by award-winning playwright Robert Reid, musician Tim Wild (Taxiride), composer David Balaban and Artistic Director of Apollon Studios, Malcolm Berry, Melbourne art and theatre lovers were invited to experience this unique, one off celebration of the power of Fire.

Text written by Robert Reid ~ Directed by Scott Gooding ~ Original Music by David Balaban and Tim Wild ~ Performed by Malcolm Berry, Anna Kennedy, Jack Sheppard, and Krystal Brock ~ Musicians: Ash Galea, Christy Flavell, Kavita Kalyan and Aman Kalyan ~ Featuring work by artists Malcolm Berry and Krystal Brock ~ Curated by Cathy Horsley

To view images from Agni visit us on Instagram at www.instagram.com/apollon_studios.

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In April 2016 Apollon Studios presented a fine art, music and theatre event entitled "JALA" at the Mission to Seafarers, 717 Flinders Street, Docklands.

Part of the proceeds from Jala has been donated to the Mission to Seafarers, MIF Wellways, Victoria and MIND Australia respectively.

Jala was a resounding success in 2016.

In 2015 Apollon Studios' artistic director Malcolm Charles Berry completed a highly successful exhibition at the Collingwood Gallery entitled "Relics".